5 stories to get you inspired this weekend

Feeling uninspired after a long week at work? Let these five amazing stories from regular people get you going again.

If you think that only extraordinary people are capable of extraordinary things, our Realife series is here to show you that's not true.

From a former convict who reformed his life to set up his very own successful dance school to a single father of two whose determination led him to transform his body and his life, these stories will give you some motivation to pursue what you really love to do.

1. My life fell apart after my 3 dogs died -- but it all changed when I started animal work to honour them

25-year-old animal lover Melodee Tan was devastated when three of her Jack Russell dogs died in 2011 in a span of six months after her family was plagued by financial difficulties.

Watch her Realife story of how the heartbreaking loss of her pets spurred her on to go into animal welfare here.

2. Former gangster turns his life around to set up own music school

When Joshua Agilan was 15, he got roped into a gang and was involved in gang activities, including a fight that left one dead.

Watch how Joshua's life took a drastic turn when he met his mentor, Jeremy from church who helped him realise that he was wasting his life away and should start doing something more productive with it here.

3. Here's the personal side of 'Superstar Steven Lim kor kor' you don't see

You have seen his crazy antics on television and on the Internet, but how is 'Superstar Steven Lim kor kor' really like behind the camera?

See a side of the Steven Lim you've never seen before here.

4. Dad who went from 'ah pui' to 'abang body' shares how he lost 13kg in 10 months

When Yassir Khalid was diagnosed with hypertension more than a year ago, he knew that he had to make a change.

Watch how he got a whole new lease on life with his epic transformation here.

5. Realife: Stigma, injury and prison did not kill my passion for breakdancing

Since he started breakdancing, or 'breaking' as it is more commonly known in the hip-hop scene, Felix Huang has established himself as one of Singapore's most prominent b-boys.

Watch how he overcame stumbling blocks throughout his career, including going to prison, to get to where he is today here.