Help! I gave my IC to someone at Orchard Plaza club -- and am afraid it'll fall into the wrong hands

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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Stomper Jason is appealing for help in retrieving his Identification Card (IC), which he accidentally gave to someone.

He said that he had given it to a man at a club in Orchard Plaza on Apr 19 at about 3am.

Jason told Stomp:

"I was alone at Club Starz and accidentally gave the IC to a guy.

"He is Chinese, about 1.75m tall, with black glasses and wearing a black polo tee-shirt.

"I was drunk and I told him to return to me the IC, but he refused to.

"As I was concerned for my safety, I immediately left the place and made a police report.

"I also messaged the club via Facebook, but have yet to receive any replies.

"I am concerned that the IC may fall into the wrong hands."

The Stomper has lodged a police report about the loss.