Did you lose your wallet at the Rang De Holi event in Kembangan?

Submitted by Stomper Gowrie

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Update: Stomp has located the owner and is currently making arrangements for the wallet to be returned. 

Stomper Gowrie was at the Rang De Holi 2017 event yesterday (Mar 18) at around 8pm when she found a wallet. 

The event took place at a open field beside Kembangan MRT Station. 

When she looked through the wallet, she found several cards, including a EZ-Link card and an ATM card amongst others. 

Said Gowrie:

"It was quite dark so I couldn't see the faces of anyone around.

"There were so many people, so I figured out that I should take the wallet for safekeeping first."

If the wallet belongs to you, please email stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.