Rebecca Lim playing a nurse for the 4th time in upcoming drama

Tracy Low
The New Paper
Thursday, Jun 30, 2016

Local TV actress Rebecca Lim is playing a nurse for the fourth time in upcoming Channel 8 drama You Can Be An Angel 2.

She reprises the role of advanced practice nurse

Guan Xin Ni - who’s married to Bryan Wong’s character Xie Yao Zong and has a six-year-old son with him - in the second season.

The first series You Can Be An Angel Too aired last year, and she has also portrayed nurses in another drama The Dream Job and new faith-themed film 100 Yards.

The 29-year-old told The New Paper on June 30 at the lensing ceremony for You Can Be An Angel 2: “No, I don’t have an obsession (with playing nurses). For some reason, I just keep getting cast in the same type of role.

“Coincidentally, it’s just during this period of time that all the roles either on-screen or in production are all nurse roles.”

You Can Be An Angel 2 airs on Nov 1 at 9pm.

But Lim doesn’t mind, saying: “Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, so I think I’ve always loved the medical field. To be a nurse is also quite a compliment. I guess if I can’t fulfil my childhood dream, to be a nurse is kind of fulfilling (it) in some sense.”

As Lim was busy shooting the Singapore-US-Philippines collaboration film 100 Yards for about two weeks in June, she did not attend the medical refresher course for You Can Be An Angel 2 with the rest of the returning cast comprising Zoe Tay, Xiang Yun, Zheng Geping, Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and new addition Carrie Wong.

She said: “I just watch YouTube videos to refresh my memory and I practise the 10 steps of washing hands. But for every medical-related scene, there will always be a (real) nurse around to ensure that we are doing it correctly and accurately.”

As for Tay, she now sees her nurse manager characterWang Ruo Jun suffering from breast cancer.

The veteran local actress, who personally hasn’t faced any similar health scare before, previously played a breast cancer patient in the 2010 local film Love Cuts.

Tay, 48, told TNP: “It does resonate with me emotionally. (The drama) will show the struggles and challenges she has to go through – the treatment and recovery process.”

She prepared for the role by talking to real-life patients and finding out how they dealt with the different stages of their conditions.

Tay said: “Being a nurse, I have to treat patients, but yet at the same time, I have to deal with (my character’s) illness.

“It’s a bit of a struggle for a nurse because actually she’s still human (like anyone else). When it comes to facing a life-threatening illness, everyone is the same, you know?”

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