Golden stairs at Jalan Rajah HDB become mini tourist attraction overnight

The staircase at Blk 103 Jalan Rajah, which was covered in gold foil by Lasalle College of the Arts student Priyageetha Dia on Sunday (Mar 5), has attracted more than thirty visitors over the past two days.

Just yesterday, over twenty members of the public made the trip down to the block just to check out the stairs, which are on the 20th floor, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

Ms Priyageetha left a note with her contact number next to the lift, requesting visitors to not disturb residents of the block. Visitors could also contact her directly if they wished.

She told Lianhe Wanbao today (Mar 9):

“I just put up the note yesterday, but I’ve already received over ten phone calls.

“Many people called to encourage me. I never expected this work to receive so much attention, and this makes me feel very heartened.”

Referring to the divided reactions from netizens, she reiterated what she had said in a Facebook post on Tuesday -- that the golden stairs were not an act of vandalism, but a work of art.

She told Lianhe Wanbao that she does not intend to remove or change what she has done, and is prepared to let it fall apart over time.

She said:

“Vandalism is an act of disrespect to others, but I do not have that intention.”

Jalan Besar Town Council said yesterday that they had sent staff to the block and confirmed that the foil did not pose a safety risk to users of the stairs.

They were also reported to have put off washing the stairs during the block's scheduled monthly washing yesterday, so as to not damage Ms Priyageetha's work.

They acknowledged Ms Priyageetha’s passion for the arts and her desire to beautify her housing block, but at the same time requested members of the public to approach the town council before taking matters into their own hands.

They also expressed interest with collaborating with Ms Priyageetha in the future.