Police find 36 school pupils and two adults packed into seven-seater van in China

Traffic police in China recently stopped a seven-seater van, only to find 36 school children, a teacher and a driver inside. 

The driver, surnamed Bai, runs a kindergarten in Nanyang, Henan province, according to a CCTV report.

He takes the children to school and back home every day, reports South China Morning Post.

Most of the passengers were kindergarten pupils with a few from primary school carrying their schoolbags.

The van was not registered nor did Bai have a driving licence.

“It’s just a tip of the iceberg. Rural kindergartens are usually like this. It’s quite normal to drive 20-30 school kids in such a minibus,” one Internet user commented.

“Who will take responsibility if something happens?” wrote another.

The police impounded the van while Bai was being held in criminal detention for dangerous driving.