Date from hell tells girl how great he is and flames her, then apologises -- before doing it again

As much as we all hate to admit, sometimes dates just don't work out.

Perhaps it may be due to differences or both partners just don't click naturally, regardless, most people move on.

A Reddit user, defnotenough shared her experience; one that came with receipts and a really, really, fickle guy.

This self-proclaimed 'gentleman' clearly did not take rejection well. 

She had just met her date for a dinner and the two went back to his apartment after, reports Thought Catalog.

However, things went downhill after that.

When she realised that the entire thing felt weird, she decided to leave, but her date did not take that well. 

Subsequently, he sent a whole string of messages over the next few days.

The deluge of messages started with him explaining what a great catch he was and what a mistake it had been to have rejected his advances.

He also attributed her rejection of him to her 'immaturity' and 'ego', even telling her that she would continue to be mistreated by other guys, and that she deserved it.

If that wasn't enough, he started rambling about how well he treated her during their date before bidding her farewell.

A few hours later, he messaged her again, saying that he hated 'animosity' and was bothered by things he had sprouted during their last conversation.

When defnotenough told him again that she had no interest to continue seeing him, he started spiralling into a critical and self-justifying mess again, and see how defnotenough ultimately ended the chat. 

Take a look at the conversation below.