Beautiful Thai dentist will make your jaws drop -- but she's here to help

It looks like Taiwan's sexiest nurse and Singapore's 15 Stomp-worthy doctors are going to have to share their honorary titles with this beautiful dentist from Thailand.

Known as Toey, she recently caused a ripple among Thai netizens with her sweet girl-next-door looks, stunning smile and talent.

A report on Viral Cham even said that she puts people in a good mood all day after they see her angelic face.

Toey graduated from the renowned Chulalongkorn University, from where she was an outstanding student.

Based on her Facebook and Instagram profiles, she appears to be a bubbly girl who enjoys food and travelling.

With her perfectly straight teeth, Toey is an exemplary model when it comes to dental care. Older pictures of her show her with braces, which explain her pearly whites and dazzling smile.

Netizens have praised Toey for having both brains and beauty, with some saying that she has given them a toothache with her sugar sweet appearance.