Do you know Razali from Tampines? He is needed for niece's wedding ceremony

Submitted by Stomper Iskandar

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Stomper Iskandar is looking for a Razali, uncle to Norsyafinaz, a close family friend who stays in Malaysia.

According to Iskandar, Norsyafinaz is getting married at Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia in early November,

As Norsyafinaz’s father had passed away, his brother, Razali is required to give the bride away as per Malay wedding customs.

Iskandar said that this was Norsyafinaz’s second marriage, and her uncle had been present to give her away when she first got married too. 

However, the pair lost touch in 2009, after Norsyafinaz divorced her husband. 

She gave Iskandar Razali’s last known address at Block 465 Tampines Street 44. 

When Iskandar went down to the block, he could not find Razali.

He tried asking around the neighbours, but none knew him.

Said Iskandar:

“Norsyafinaz works for my brother in his restaurant in Malaysia.

“She is a close family friend and we hope to help her if we can.

“Please help if you know him.”

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