Christy Chung, 48, reveals reason for recent weight gain

Candice Cai
Aug 21, 2018

Canadian actress Christy Chung has addressed rumours behind her recent weight gain -- and it's not because she 'let herself go' after marriage. 

In a statement published on Weibo on Sunday (Aug 19), Chung, who turns 48 in September, revealed that she is undergoing fertility treatments in an effort to bear another child.

The journey has admittedly been a difficult one, said the actress.

Chung, who has three daughters from two previous marriages, married Chinese actor Golden Zhang, 36, in an underwater-themed wedding in 2016.

Said Chung in her post: "You may have read reports about me in the media recently.

"Some said I've put on weight, and speculated if I'm pregnant. Others wondered if it's because I'm happier now.

"I just want to tell everyone, life is indeed blissful, but not to the extent that I would stuff myself silly. And I am not pregnant yet, although I hope to be."

Chung said she's always enjoyed keeping healthy and her lifestyle is centred around fitness and exercise. 

"I don't keep late nights, nor have unhealthy habits," she continued, revealing that her fuller figure has to do with getting baby-ready through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

She shared that the treatments she'd undergone for the past six months could have caused her to gain weight. 

However, Chung says her experience has given her a newfound understanding for women struggling to conceive, as well as the "emotional rollercoaster" that they go through. 

Chung, who is of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese parentage, said despite the scrutiny and negative comments that she has "grown fat and old", she's willing to put up with the criticism because she's determined to have a child.

While she still maintains a positive mindset, Chung requested that netizens give her some encouragement. "Behind appearances, I'm just someone who's working hard to be a mum again, to bear a child to complete me and my husband's lives."

Chung also thanked her Zhang for his companionship and encouragement through this journey, and expressed her gratitude to fans for accepting "this not-so perfect version of Christy Chung".

Chung and Zhang met on dating show, Perhaps Love, in 2015, and he popped the question one year later.