Bikini-clad women inside Taiwan crane machines make viewers feel 'dirty'

Crane machines, also known as toy catchers, have been extremely popular in Taiwan, with some outlets even staying open 24/7.

However, the questionable sales tactics of a new crane game outlet that was launched in Tainan City has raised some eyebrows.

Monmonda, said to be southern Taiwan's largest crane game facility, marked its official opening on Dec 5 by unveiling four machines with women in swimsuits in them.

The marketing gimmick drew a lot of media attention as seen in a live video of the event uploaded onto its Facebook page.

While lying in a pool of soft toys, the women pose for the cameras provocatively.

Their publicity efforts quickly drew backlash, with many netizens criticising it for being distasteful, reports The Straits Times.

According to SoraNews24, some comments include "This is treating women like objects," "I feel dirty just watching this," and "What are children supposed to think when they see this?"

The SoraNews24 report added that the company later posted an apology, saying: "From now on we will reconsider standards for preparing events."

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