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Kia driver, don't think you can get away with reversing into another car and driving away

A driver of a blue Kia was caught on video reversing into another car and simply driving away as if nothing had happened.
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No sweet surprise for woman who finds screw in her waffles

Stomper Keela was reminded of her mother's saying to "chew your food properly" when she found an unwanted surprise in her waffles last Friday (Oct 13).
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Photo: Singapore Customs

4 men arrested for possessing 288 counterfeit mobile phones worth $288k for trade

Four men, aged between 30 and 41, were arrested on Oct 13 for their suspected involvement in the possession of counterfeit mobile phones for trading purposes.
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Celebrities and their unique de-stress tips

Kpop Idols are just like the rest of us and get stressed from work from time to time. So what do they do to de-stress? Let’s find out!
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