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oBike files police report after couple caught dumping bikes into drain in Stomp video

oBike has filed a police report after a couple was caught on camera dumping their bikes into a drain in a video on Stomp.
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Police shoot wild boar after it goes on rampage at Punggol

The police shot a wild boar that had gone on a rampage in Punggol last night (Nov 21).
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Photo: Lianhe Wanbao

AMK masseuse rips off customer's shirt after he allegedly tried running away without paying

A masseuse ripped off a man’s shirt during a tussle after he allegedly attempted to leave without paying.
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Taxi reverses into car -- but passengers defend cabby

A taxi was caught on camera reversing into a stationary car at a traffic light -- but what happened next left netizens wondering if there was more than meets the eye.
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Police reveal findings on whether late singer's wife killed his daughter

In this episode of Entertainment Weekly, some ongoing issues within the industry are updated.
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