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2 killed and 1 hospitalised after driver smashes into pillar near Istana rear gate

Two people were killed and one was hospitalised after a private-hire car driver crashed into a pillar near the rear gate of the Istana on Saturday (Dec 16), at around 6am.
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Edward Loh Teik Khoon (middle) had driven off with another motorist on his vehicle's bonnet.

Man drives away from accident site with victim on bonnet, gets jail and driving ban

A businessman got into an accident along Old Airport Road on Jun 2, 2014, and attempted to flee, even driving off with a motorist on his bonnet when the latter tried to prevent him from leaving.
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Bikini-clad models grace VietJet Air's 2018 calendar

When you think of VietJet Air, bikini-clad models and stewardesses come to mind.
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Man hurls vulgarities at worker at Yishun void deck

Stomper D came across a man hurling vulgarities at another man at the void deck of Block 646, Yishun Street 61 on Friday (Dec 15) at around 2pm.
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Eating too much of these peppers could kill you

In this week, the Tribe members find the first flag near by the lake.
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Photo: Singapore Police Force