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9 crew rescued after collision between sea craft and bunker tanker at East Jurong Channel

Nine crew of an Indonesian-registered craft were rescued by a passing vessel after being involved in a collision with a Singapore-registered bunker tanker at East Jurong Channel on Mar 22.
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Young mum posts 'shocking' photo of sagging belly covered in stretch marks

Stretch marks - or a mother's 'tiger stripes' as they're sometimes called - are the bane, or worry, of many mums-to-be.
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Man gives out free ice cream to 1,000 customers to celebrate birthday

To celebrate his 72nd birthday, ice cream vendor Jimmy Teng gave free ice cream to 1,000 customers.
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Former Japanese porn stars debut as a K-pop group

On March 21, three Japanese AVs or adult video actresses debuted as a Kpop group called Honey Popcorn with a music video that has a cute fairy-like concept.
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