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Pasir Ris resident leaves note about neighbour's 'thunderous footsteps' -- in 4 languages

Disturbed by a neighbour's loud footsteps from upstairs, a resident in Pasir Ris decided to leave a note asking the said person to be more considerate towards other people.
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Photo: Shin Min Daily News. The woman, claiming her shirt had been torn during a fight with the driver.

Woman in dispute with driver -- after trying to photograph illegally parked car and report to LTA

A driver, dissatisfied with a woman who had taken a photo of his illegally parked car, got into a fight with the latter, and the police were called down to mediate the situation.
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Family of 9 shows the coolest way to get around this Hari Raya

A photo of a family on e-scooters has been circulating on Facebook.
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Girl lives on only eggs and tomatoes after being called 'pig' and 'hippo hips'

A girl is worried about her sister's extreme diet.
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Photos and captions: Bored Panda