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Man gives out free ice cream to 1,000 customers to celebrate birthday

To celebrate his 72nd birthday, ice cream vendor Jimmy Teng gave free ice cream to 1,000 customers. 
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Photo: Paul Chua's Facebook post

Cabby brings ill streetwalker home for free, shares her heartbreaking story on FB

A taxi driver picked up an ill streetwalker and decided to send her home for free after coming to know about her tragic story.
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Thank you to the Good Samaritan who personally came to my home to return my son's lost wallet

Stomper Cezanne wants to express his gratitude to the Good Samaritan who personally returned his son's lost wallet.
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Driver who alighted car in traffic to help injured pedestrian awarded Stomp Goody Bag

Most people would help someone in need if given the chance, but would you do that when you’re pressed for time?
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