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Kudos to these selfless guys for helping driver with load that fell off truck

A truck driver whose load fell off his vehicle and onto the road realised that he had nothing to worry about.
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Guangxi man dresses up as dead sister for 20 years to help grieving mum cope

Anyone who has had to live with the death of a loved one would know that the loss can be crippling.
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Driver of SMRT Bus 859 brings joy on gloomy rainy day by sheltering passengers with umbrella

A kind-hearted bus captain was captured on camera sheltering commuters from the rain with an umbrella on a rainy day.
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Cabby who gave passenger 'crybaby moment' gets Stomp Goody Bag, shares the highs and lows of his job

Besides long hours behind the wheel, bad traffic and stiff competition, taxi drivers also have to deal with difficult passengers.
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Never expect anything in return when helping others, says kind man who returned Grab driver's wallet

If you do a good deed, do it out of the goodness of your heart, and not because you expect something in return.
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