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Man quits high-paying bank job to sell BBQ seafood at Yishun: "This is a proper job too"

To ensure that his family recipe would live on, a man left his high-paying bank job to become a hawker.
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Photos: Kelly Law / Facebook

Internet stranger saves life of 6-month-old boy with acute liver failure

Time was running out for a six-month-old boy who suffered acute liver failure.
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Stomper grateful for motorists who braved rain to move fallen tree along Holland Rd amidst jam

Stomper Sherie was driving along Holland Road towards Ulu Pandan at about 10.30am on Friday (June 15) when she realised that a fallen tree was obstructing all three lanes on the road.
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Kind guy spends 1 hour walking elderly uncle home in Yishun

Stomper Mic was at the junction near Orchid Country Club in Yishun when she chanced upon a kind passerby walking an elderly man home at around 8pm yesterday (Jun 11).
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Stomper commends SCDF officer who rode down Lornie Trail to come to aid of man who collapsed

Stomper Jason wishes to commend a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer who rode down Lornie Trail at Macritchie Reservoir to come to the aid of a man who had collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 3.
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