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Kind souls rush to help female biker who fell after hitting car along Tanjong Kling Road

A group of workers, as well as Stomper Stone, rushed to help a biker who was involved in an accident along Tanjong Kling Road in Pioneer today (Sep 26) at around 7.30am.
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Grab driver goes all the way to Tagore Lane to return passenger's wallet, sends her back to AMK

A Grab driver not only went the extra mile to return a passenger's wallet, but even gave her a ride back home.
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Kind guy helps elderly woman down the stairs at Bishan -- even though it meant missing his bus

Stomper Lau Lup was heartened to see a man helping an elderly woman down a flight of stairs at a bus stop near Bishan block 26 yesterday morning (Sep 22).
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Two helpful SMRT staff at Tai Seng MRT Station makes Stomper's day

Stomper Mark is grateful for the excellent service that he received from two SMRT staff at Tai Seng MRT station on Sep 21.
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S'porean Indian man plays Cantonese song on his guitar -- and totally nails it

If you need a good example of how music transcends language barriers, you might want to take a look at this video by Stomper Alvin .
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