Excavator arm crashes into bridge along Balestier Road: New video shows moment of impact

A video has emerged showing the moment an excavator arm crashed into an overhead bridge along Balestier Road on Jul 21 at around 10pm.
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Amy Buakaem

Woman looking for long lost Saint Hilda's Sec schoolmate whom she lost contact with in 1997

Stomper Jasmine is hoping to find her Saint Hilda's Secondary School friend Amy Buakaem whom she lost contact with in 1997 after they had finished their GCE O-Level examinations.
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Photos: Benjamin Seetor / The New Paper

Miss Universe Singapore's top 20 finalists show that beauty is more than skin deep

After facing down bullies during her formative years, Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2017 Top 20 finalist Sharmen Diana Frugtniet wants to help others going through it.
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Photos: The Straits Times

13 injured after Mount Alvernia mini-bus crashes into bus stop along Braddell Road

Thirteen people were injured after a Mount Alvernia mini-bus crashed into a bus stop along Braddell Road today (Jul 26) at around 12pm.
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These celebs swear by these beauty tips to look flawless all the time

The hallyu wave is never ending! People are more and more interested with K-celebrities’ beauty tips. Here are some tips to look as beautiful as your favorite Korean stars from head to toe!
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Photo: ST

Durian prices reach 33-year high: Here's how much 1kg of 'Mao Shan Wangs' cost

Durian lovers, take note - prices of the spiky fruit have shot up to a 33-year record high, according to sellers.
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These primary school questions are so difficult you will question your own intelligence

If you have been on any form of social media lately, you would have heard about the (in)famous unscramble-the-letters question from Maris Stella High School (Primary).
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SOSD president serenades his dogs with rendition of Ed Sheeran's Perfect

They say that one way to woo a woman is to serenade her but it turns out the same applies to dogs too.
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Car crashes into metal railing at Jurong East St 24

A car crashed into a metal railing at the carpark in front of Block 260 Jurong East Street 24 today (Jul 26) at 9am.
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