Biker assisting with police investigations after performing 'smoky ring stunt' around groom at wedding

A 26-year-old biker is assisting police with investigations after a video of a motorcycle stunt being performed around a groom at a carpark went viral.
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Photo: Stomper Raymond

Wild boar that attacked man at 25 Hillview Ave dies after getting hit by bus

Stomp understands that the wild boar that bit a man at 25 Hillview Avenue today (Oct 19) was later hit by a bus and died.
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Forklift rams into car and impales windscreen at CCK -- with driver still inside

A 65-year-old man miraculously escaped with just minor scratches after a forklift rammed into his car along Choa Chu Kang Way on Oct 17.
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Loud crash heard as car hits road divider at Jurong Town Hall Rd

Stomper Wilson was boarding a bus at Jurong Town Hall Road yesterday (Oct 18) at around 9pm when he heard a loud bang and the sound of glass shattering.
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Experience waves first hand with these dangerous looking gondolas

This week, the Running Man members continue with the Tiger Moth Tour Truth Game. They finally get to see Kwang Soo and So Min ride the cable car in Indonesia. Will the members be able to guess correctly?
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Photos: Apple Hong's Instagram

Actress and DJ Apple Hong announces she "accidentally got married" to Singaporean businessman

Actress and JiaFM88.3 DJ Apple Hong revealed that she got married to her long-time boyfriend on Oct 10.
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Fight breaks out at Kallang MRT Station

A fight broke out between a group of men at a bus stop in front of Kallang MRT Station today (Oct 18) at around 5pm.
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Kia driver, don't think you can get away with reversing into another car and driving away

A driver of a blue Kia was caught on video reversing into another car and simply driving away as if nothing had happened.
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Yishun resident surprised by fireworks display above multi-storey carpark

Stomper Kyocheong was surprised to see fireworks going off above a multi-storey carpark at Yishun Ring Road at midnight on Oct 18.
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