Biker and pillion rider in SLE accident are Certis Cisco officers, biker's shinbone was protruding from leg after crash

The biker and his pillion rider who were involved in a serious accident along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Jul 24 have been revealed to be Certis Cisco officers.
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Heartbreaking: S'porean couple finally gets first baby girl after 11 years marriage -- only for woman to slip into coma after giving birth

A couple finally got their first child 11 years into their marriage, only for the new mother to slip into a coma after giving birth to her premature baby daughter.
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Motorist almost drives right into pedestrian at Middle Rd

A driver almost ploughed through a couple of pedestrians after turning into Middle Road on Jul 22.
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Wheelchair user falls to death during escape attempt after getting locked in Eunos flat by drug offender

A 62-year-old wheelchair user, Mr Khiong Lam Swee, attempted to escape by climbing out of a window after getting trapped by a friend for almost 19 hours in a flat, but tragically fell to his death.
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Ostracised for her looks - 'They poured soap water in a milk carton for me to drink'

The first episode of Let Me In Season 1, featured Choi Young Hee, an individual with very low self-esteem because of her prognathism and square jaw.
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Stomper pays homage to Singapore with heartwarming video in the run-up to National Day

Stomper Chee Kiang has put together a video in the run-up to National Day this year.
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Someone has won $4.4 million Toto

Talk about being lucky - someone who bought an ordinary quickpick Toto ticket in Ang Mo Kio has won $4.4 million in the draw this evening.
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Excavator arm crashes into bridge along Balestier Road: New video shows moment of impact

A video has emerged showing the moment an excavator arm crashed into an overhead bridge along Balestier Road on Jul 21 at around 10pm.
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Photos: Benjamin Seetor / The New Paper

Miss Universe Singapore's top 20 finalists show that beauty is more than skin deep

After facing down bullies during her formative years, Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2017 Top 20 finalist Sharmen Diana Frugtniet wants to help others going through it.
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