Definitely not happy hour for man picking up beer cans that fell off van in Yishun

It was not a happy hour for one man who was left to pick up beer cans after cartons of them were left strewn on the road along Yishun Avenue 7 towards Gambas Avenue on Tuesday (July 17).
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Cyclist injured after crashing into ofo bicycle left lying in the middle of Woodlands pathway

Stomper Liza was cycling along Woodlands Avenue 7 on Wednesday morning (July 18) when a collision with an improperly parked ofo bicycle left her with injuries.
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2.5m python pees while getting caught in Spooner Road flat

A large python was caught in an HDB flat at 2 Spooner Road, near the Jalan Bukit Merah area, last Thursday (July 12).
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Received photos of tiger at "Lim Chu Kang"? This didn't happen in Singapore

Photos of a tiger by the roadside, said to have been taken at Lim Chu Kang, have been circulating on social media recently.
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Men behind late actress' sexual harassment case brought in for questioning after 9 years

In this week’s episode, Section TV prepared many specials! Meet the conspicuous actress on screen, Jin Seo Yeon and Japan’s young heart-throb, Kentaro Sakaguchi.
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Woman discovers husband dating mother of daughter's classmate, asks for $2k "lunch money" back

A woman is demanding over $2,000 of compensation from the mother of their daughter’s kindergarten classmate after discovering that her husband had been footing the bill during dates with her.
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Photo: ST

Polytechnic student gets short detention for knocking down woman, won't have criminal record

A polytechnic student was given a two-week short detention order on Tuesday (Jul 17) for knocking down a pedestrian while riding his electric scooter, causing her to sustain severe brain injuries.
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Photos: ICA

"Double happiness comes with a price" for woman found with duty-unpaid cigarettes hidden in car

A 42-year-old Malaysian female driver was found with 227 cartons and 1,366 packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes hidden in a car at Tuas Checkpoint on July 16.
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Toyota C-HR driver tries to tailgate Stomper at Hougang Parkview carpark, but fails miserably

Stomper Jo was exiting a carpark at Hougang Parkview at 1.25pm yesterday (Jul 17) when he caught another driver trying to evade the parking fee.
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Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp is giving out Goody Bags to everyday heroes who 'kena Stomped' for doing random acts of kindness.

Stomp Gets Things Done

Joyskie (left) returning the wallet to the owner (right).

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