Stomp clarifies: Man dressed as security guard on train does NOT work with the Police

Stomp understands that a man claiming to "work closely with the police" while controlling traffic on an MRT train does not work with or for the Singapore Police Force (SPF).
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Rubbish collection centre goes up in flames at Blk 32 Bedok South Ave 2

A rubbish collection centre at Block 32 Bedok South Avenue 2 caught fire today (Jun 27) at around 9.40am.
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Download Stomp's brand new mobile app and check out its cool new features

Want to read, contribute and comment on the go? Then the brand new Stomp app on Android and iOS will let you do that, and so much more.
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Beauty queens and former actor Collin Chee join forces to help needy families on Hari Raya

True beauty is not just about physical appearances, but also about the kind of person you are deep down.
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Girl lives on only eggs and tomatoes after being called 'pig' and 'hippo hips'

A girl is worried about her sister's extreme diet.
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Cleaner of 10 years shares heartwarming experience working for Nee Soon Town Council and residents

Bangladeshi cleaner Mohammed Hanif, who has been working in Singapore for more than 10 years, recently took to Facebook to express his gratitude to Nee-Soon Town Council and residents, particularly member of parliament (MP) Mr Louis Ng, who would bring the workers out for meals and bestow words of encouragement.
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From gangster to law degree holder: S'pore youth turns life around after 4 years in jail

Stomper Seca was once a wayward teenager who was part of a secret society, but his turning point came after he was put behind bars for four years.
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Thumbs up to Sengkang residents for responsible use of shared bikes!

The abuse, vandalism and abandonment of shared bicycles are a common sight in Singapore these days.
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Family reunited with lost dog thanks to kind Pasir Ris residents

Stomper Raymond alerted Stomp to a heartwarming incident in which a family was reunited with their lost dog due to the actions of a few kind residents.
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