Ostrich, horse, cow and pig -- and now, huge 'chicken' spotted on Malaysian highway

The multiple sightings of undomesticated animals running wild on the busy roads of Malaysia has become a running joke among netizens.

It all started when an ostrich was seen racing down the Federal Highway last week but kept within the speed limit, much to the amusement of onlookers.

The bird even inspired a series of hilarious memes.

Just days later on June 19, a horse was spotted galloping along a highway in Kelantan, Kota Baru, apparently covering the remarkable feat of 10km in 45 minutes.

Soon after that, a cow was seen running in the middle of a busy road while a pig was observed to be leisurely strolling down another street.

All of these had led to jokes about how Malaysia is becoming a 'free zoo' while some also compared the spate of animals sightings to 'Jumanji'.

aboi.tv has recently jumped in on the bandwagon by sharing a video of someone in a chicken suit running down the Federal Highway.

Ignoring oncoming traffic, he seemed to have a great stamina as he jogged along in his bizarre outfit.

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