How it Works

Stomp’s editorial and creative teams work with you to craft original, custom content
Stomp’s marketing experts help the right audience discover your brand’s content on Stomp and social
Stomp’s analytics teams provide scheduled reports so you can track content performance

Stomp Audience

Very loyal, sia!
3,800,000 monthly
Unique visitors

56% are male, 25 - 44 years old

Source: AT Internet, Nielsen Media Index 2016

Stompers on the move!
76% read Stomp on
mobile devices

Source: AT Internet

Wah, share leh!
50% of traffic comes
from social media

25% direct, 25% search engines

Source: AT Internet

530,000 followers on Facebook, with our posts reaching about 670,000 users per day

199,000 followers on Twitter, 4,000 group subscribers on WhatsApp

Source: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (June 2017)


Videos & Advertorials

Stomp’s editorial and creative teams work with brands to design rich media content suitable for the social web. Content ranges from edgy, bizarre, shocking, inspirational, humourous and carries strong User-Generated themes. Available in formats like listicles, quizzes, infographics and contests, content is designed in Stomp’s unique tone and style while communicating a brand’s aspirations and themes.

Sponsored sections

Stomp offers brands great visibility for custom content through native content placements on the site. You could be a sponsor for a good cause like Stomp’s ‘Goody Bag Project’ which rewards kind acts by everyday Singaporeans!

Guinness ‘Ang Ji Kao’ or Red Tongue Dog campaign

Custom social posts

Stomp’s editorial teams work with brands to craft custom social posts for the Singapore audience. Custom social posts are crafted in an authentic Stomp voice that communicates a brand's aspirations and themes, and inspires consumers to share. By leveraging on Stomp’s 530,000 followers on Facebook, 199,000 followers on Twitter and 4,000 subscribers on WhatsApp, your custom content will get the amplification it needs.

Promotion and Story Units

Story units are seamlessly integrated across Stomp and promote branded content on the homepage, site wide, and mobile. The Stomp creative teams works with brands to ensure messages are crafted in Stomp’s unique tone and style while communicating a brand’s aspirations and messages.

Social Media Campaigns

Stomp’s social media team works with brands to design social campaigns fuelled by user-generated content from social media. Stomp’s high reach and engagement with its users make creating buzz and talk around your brand on social easy and fun.

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