Artistic mum turns her kid’s lunch bags into entertaining works of art

Most Singaporeans may not be familiar with the concept of lunch bags, the practice of packing a meal for kid to eat in school.

Some parents may even draw smiley faces on the bags to perk their kids up, reports LifeBuzz.

But Jenn Aguilar uses her kids lunch bags to draw some really cool cartoons.

Since September 2015, the Canadian mom spends every night coming up with colourful sketches and funny messages for her sons Kale, 14, and Konnor, 12. 

Aguilar is skilled in drawing as she is a former graphic designer and a “doodler by nature.”

The 40-year-old says that her sons were initially embarrassed of her artistic creations but quickly began to love their lunch bags.

Kale and Konnor also make special requests of particular characters they want.

Aguilar also says she only packs healthy and nutritious lunches for her two boys.

You can view more of her lunch bags at her Instagram account.