What happens when 2-year-old mistakes make-up palette for chocolate

Kids. You really know what unexpected stunt they will pull next.

One teen learnt this the hard way recently, reports Distractify.

One of Lauren Lincoln's prized possessions included a Two Faced brand Chocolate Bar.

This is a make-up set that comes with eye-shadow palette that smells like cocoa and comes with shades like White Chocolate, Ganache, 

The teen realised her 2-year-old niece had eaten a portion of the palette after mistaking it for actual chocolate.

After yelling at the kid, the teen called poison control and the make-up company to check if her little niece needed medical attention.

She was reportedly told that the kid was likely to only have diarrhea if she ate a large amount of make-up.

Lauren later updated on her social media account that the niece did not fall ill, and that all was forgiven.

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