Twins go on amazing adventures -- while asleep

Kids can be really hard to photograph since they are often restless and have really swift movements.

Thanks to Distractify, we have found a mother who has taken to photographing her kids when they are fast asleep.

Ayumi Omori has been documenting the misadventures of her two-year-old twins -- Ichika and Taichi on Instagram, ever since they were babies.

From paying homage to classic films, giving them new jobs, or even pitting them against Kermit the Frog, Ayumi has sent her kids on many sleeping adventures, and they look oh-so-adorable!

This photography style is similar to the way Laura Izumikawa captures her daughter -- in that she observes their positions once they've fallen asleep, and then comes up with their latest gig.

Check out the pictures to unleash more cuteness!