Think this is a castle? It's a dorm room for 2 female students

Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson's dorm room must be the envy of other students because it looks more like a palace instead. 

Mashable reports that the duo has went all out to make their dorm room as homey and fancy as possible in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Goodson's original photo went viral on Twitter. 

She told Mashable: 

"At our school, nearly all dorms are decorated like ours! 

"So many people here are unique and creative and their rooms match. We knew school would get stressful and we wanted a calm space to return to after long days."

The girls were able to keep a modest budget when shopping by browsing discount stores and adding a little DIY magic.

"We don't know a total price of the room but we do know we saved a lot by bargain shopping and using some creativity to make things we already owned work," Goodson said.

They also took stuff from their own bedrooms at home.