Student gets rejected by 'dream girl' after confessing his love -- with 999 pomelos

A college student in Guangzhou, China, decided to publicly declare his affections to his crush -- with 999 pomelos.

According to, the poor guy was turned down by the girl known as "Mumu", after his elaborate display of singing, dancing  and giant custom-made banners at a local shopping mall on Sep 4.

He also arranged Mumu's favourite fruit, pomelos, in a giant heart shape.

The two met during orientation at university.

"My goddess"s favourite fruit is pomelo. So I bought 999 pomelos for her to express my love. I love you..." he said.

He also had 999 love letters with notes saying "the pomelos contain my love for you" and "I will always love you." 

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He then announced, "I have always liked you since I knew you. Can you be my girlfriend?" 

Mumu replied, "I do not like you. I have always seen you as my best friend but you can leave the pomelos."

In a bid to break the tension, one of Mumu's friends grabbed the mic and said, "Hey! Mumu said everyone can take some pomelos."

The crowds including staff from nearby shops rushed to grab the pomelos with some even taking five. 

In just two minutes, the fruit disappeared.

I guess you can say his attempts were not fruitful.