Rich kids of UK flaunt their wealth and poke fun at 'peasants' queuing for clothing store

What comes after being rich? Swimming in daddy's money, and reminding others that they are not so fortunate to be born into money.

With over 240,000 followers, 'Rich Kids of the UK' is an Instagram account dedicated to Britain's wealthiest teenagers that parade their fortunes and sneer at those who shop at an affordable clothing store. 

According to The Lad Bible, the account features Snapchat and Instagram photos of United Kingdom's affluent teenagers, and has since been privated.

In one of the featured Snapchat photos, a caption reads: 

"The peasants lining up to go Primark." 

There is also a Snapchat picture of a diamond ring with a caption, "Daddy sure knows how to apologise". 

Many netizens are infuriated by the 'peasant' remark. 

“All that money. Still couldn’t buy himself a professional photographer”, a netizen commented on a private jet picture.

Instagram user @23rg said:

“These peasants aren’t probably rich as you.

“So lower your ego and attitude and appreciate that not everyone can afford luxury items in life.

“But a moron like you maybe will never quite understand. Probably uneducated too.”

You can take a look at some of 'Rich Kids of the UK's Instagram photos in the gallery above.