Mum turns herself into 'evil kermit' meme in response to daughter's text about missing dinner

The latest meme that has taken the Internet by storm is that of the "Evil Kermit", which features Kermit the frog talking to his inner, evil self.

Cheryl Hannon, 50, has put a spin on the meme after she sent a text to her 19-year-old daughter, Taylor, asking if she was going to have dinner at home.

Taylor said no and her mom replied with photos of herself mimicking the "Evil Kermit" meme.

She tweeted her mom's response and it has now been retweeted over 87,000 times and was even interviewed by Buzzfeed.

Taylor told Buzzfeed that her mother most likely learnt about the meme from Twitter as she gave her mother access to her account.

Fortunately for Taylor, her mom still allowed her to stay out.