Listen up kids, this is the best way to guess answers to questions you can't solve!

You might be well prepared or even chionging for your pop quiz at the last minute on the night before, but as students, there are surely some questions you simply don't know the answer to. And if you're lucky, those questions come out in the multiple choice (MCQ) section.

Thanks to Distractify, we've found a teacher who has figured out the science to guessing the right answers to such complex MCQ questions -- and one really kind student decided to share these tips provided by one of her teachers with the world.

So that means, we don't actually have to "guess" anymore.

And we're sure this would definitely help kids who are prone to last minute revision -- but of course, we advise all kids to prepare for all their exams way before hand.

These tips are great, but we'll never know what school might throw at us.

So, please revise.