Japanese artist blows students away with these incredible chalkboard pictures

Who knew that blackboard art can be so fascinating? 

In Nara, Japan, art teacher Hirotaka Hamasaki, has taken kokuban art, also known as blackboard art, to a whole new level. 

According to Lifebuzz, during a 10-minute break in school, students get to draw their beloved TV cartoon characters or simply create imaginary scenes. 

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Art teacher Hirotaka, known as 'Hamacream' on the Internet, has reproduced timeless art pieces by Hokusai and Leonardo da Vinci.

Though such art is hard to appreciate in this day and age of technology, Hirotaka takes his craft seriously, by investing time and effort into every of his masterpiece.

You can take a look at some of Hirotaka's works of art in the gallery above.