iPhone explodes in student’s pocket and sets him on fire

Remember when the iPhone 6 Plus’ ability to bend was first discovered? Well, The Lad Bible has recently discovered another one of its hidden super powers.

It explodes.

According to the site, a student by the name of Darin Hlavty at Rowan College in Philadelphia, caught on fire during a class after his phone exploded in his back burner.

The incident took place during his morning physical science class when he reached for a pen in his pocket.

"Right as class was starting, my phone started smoking in my pocket. It was a fire," he told ABC. "I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg."

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He then panicked and threw the phone across the room, much like a modern era technological grenade.

"It was super hot so I flinched, grabbed it, and threw it on the ground," he said. "[I] had to kick it because it was on fire."

According to one of the students at the scene, the phone had started making an odd 'fizzing and a popping sound' before smoke began bellowing out of Darin’s back pocket.

Eventually, the class was moved to another room by the campus public safety team because the phone had blown up and reeked of smoke.