Girl bullied for being scrawny starts doing push-ups and her transformation 100 days later will blow your mind

Most people would love to have fit and healthy body, but of course it comes with a lot of hard work and determination.

And this is not just the case for people who are looking to shed those extra few pounds, but also the extremely underweight who have a tremendous struggle with putting on weight.

According to LifeBuzz, a video of one such young girl was reposted on Youtube.

The video starts off with the young girl struggling to do a push up, and the caption reads: 'I always felt self-conscious about my body.'

On Day 2, the caption read: "Everyone says I am scrawny."

The site suspects that her low self-esteem is a result of people mocking her for being too skinny.

This girl then made a healthy decision to transform her body.

And little did she know this positive thing would reap huge benefits for her both physically and mentally.

There are many cases of bullied victims starving or binge eating, pressured to meet society's acceptable body standards. But instead of focusing on meeting these impractical standards, people should rather concentrate on leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The girl in the video took up a challenge from -- an initiative that helps people reach for their goals with 100 days of intense effort.

When the girl in the video first took up the challenge, we can tell she had trouble accepting her body. But as she reached Day 31, she was already doing an almost-perfect triangle pushup. By Day 34, she had started increasing the difficulty even more by raising her foot level using a chair.

By Day 70, the girl was confident enough to clap in the middle of a push up. Even though she failed and fell face first on the floor, it is evident that she accepts her body better now.

One can clearly see how full of confidence she is by the end of the video. Her body is much more muscular and she looks so much more fitter.

This amazing girl proved exactly what determination and strong will power can earn you. Kudos to her for such an amazing transformation.