Gang of teens paraded through China streets after 8-day crime spree

A crime spree went for eight days starting from Oct 5 to Oct 13, in a community in Yunnan, China and the police have arrested 12 members of a gang of robbers that were involved and they had to walk in shame across the streets of Kunming on Tue (Oct 25).

According to Shanghaiist, the leader of the gang was just 16 years old.

On Oct 7, around 2.47am, a man from Hunan province cruised down a street with two women seated behind him.

He was then stopped by five masked men armed with knives who burst out from the side of the road.

The robbers then took 2,900 RMB ($595.58) in cash and two Apple iPhones from them while holding them at knife point.

Seven more late-night robberies has occurred in the area and special police task force was soon contacted to attend to the case.

The gang's hide-out was discovered using some security cameras and old-fashioned detective work.

It was raided in early morning on Oct 14 and many of the gang members happened to be minors.

To discourage youths from being delinquents, 13 of the gang members were paraded through the streets of Kunming on Tuesday.

China has had a long history of parading those who have done wrong. 

Despite the Cultural Revolution effort to outlaw the practice, every once in a while prostitutes or stone lion stealers were made to walk through streets, in shame.