Aww! Student buys trendy new shoes for classmate being bullied over his sneakers

The heartwarming video of a student in America who bought his classmate a pair of Air Jordans after he saw him being bullied over his shoes has gone viral.

According to Distractify, the classmate, Taylor Bates, would often get bullied by his classmates.

However, Taylor's classmate, Tae Moore, would not stand for the bullying.

Instead, Tae went out and bought Taylor a pair of Jordans. 

Said Tae in a Facebook post:

“This kid go to our school named Eazy-E.  

"He likes to rap, and he said he wants to be a rapper.

"He is just trying to chase his dream, but kids at school like to bully him.

"They pick on him and talk about the way he dresses and looks.

"So I went and bought him a pair of Air Jordans." 

Tae then posted a video of the touching moment on Facebook on Nov 4 and has since garnered 2.8 million views and 73 thousand over shares.

Said user Bryana Ashmore: 

"That is exactly how we are going to end this racism in America.

"It takes one good kid to see potential in another good kid, regardless of his color," Bryana added.