16-year-old British teen hangs herself for fear of being called 'racist' after friend leaks photo of her

A 16-year-old British girl has hanged herself after her friend leaked a photo of her that might have been deemed 'racist'.

According to Break, Pheobe Connop had started an online relationship with an Asian boy.

The boy is reportedly a Muslim and relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims are not looked favourably upon by some Muslim communities.

She took a photo of herself and tinted it to make her skin appear darker and said:

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“The only way I’m going to get the approval of his parents is if I look like this.”

She did not mean harm by it and was just taking a jab at herself in what she thought was a safe environment among friends.

However, one of her friends took the photo and quote and blasted it on social media.

Phoebe feared so much for the backlash of being labelled a racist that she chose to end her own life.

Her father found her hanging in her bedroom on July 7.