Woman continues to berate auntie for stepping on her shoe -- even after she pays her

A woman continuously berated an auntie on board an MRT train for apparently stepping on her shoe and causing it to fall onto the track, even after she paid her for the lost footwear.

According to the caption on a video if what happened posted on Everyday SG, the incident took place at 9.30am on Jul 10 on a train going towards Lakeside MRT Station.

In the video, the woman who was dressed in black can be seen confronting the auntie, who was seated, over the shoe.

She can be heard saying:

"I coming in then you step on my shoe leh. You cannot wait a bit meh?"

Thereafter, she started talking on her phone.

At around the 50 second mark of the video, woman stretched out her hand and asked the auntie:

"Can give me money now?"

The auntie then handed her what looks to be a dollar note. It's monetary value is unclear.

That however, was apparently not enough to appease the woman, who continued raising her voice and arguing with the fellow commuter.

Based on the conversation, the woman had asked the passenger to alight from the train to help her buy new shoes earlier.

Later on in the video, there was a brief moment of silence after the woman screamed:

"Don't shout at me, now is your fault ok!"

The verbal dispute then resumed. 

Towards the end of the video, the woman spewed vulgarities on the passenger, before alighting at Lakeside MRT Station.