With big car comes big responsibility... to be considerate

Submitted by Stomper Low

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A driver blocked an exit along 634 East Coast Road yesterday (Jul 11) at around 10pm by parking his or her Jaguar beside an industrial bin. 

Stomper Low alerted Stomp to what happened, and said he was inconvenienced due to the driver's inconsiderate act. 

Photos he sent shows the stationary black Jaguar with a licence plate reading SLL7433H beside the bin. 

Low said it was a one-way road, and there was no room for other vehicles to pass. He had to reverse his vehicle out of the road and find an alternative exit.

He had driven around the area several times in the past, and told Stomp that it was the first time he has seen something like that.

Said the Stomper:

"If the driver wants to be famous, his or her wish is granted."