You'll never guess what this photo is showing till you zoom out

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Can you guess what is this?

It is none other than a close up shot of a snail's body! 

Stomper Kannan was intrigued to discover that the body of this particular slimy slug could look so fascinating and different up close. 

Even looking at something close up, we frequently cannot make out intricate details.

Said Kannan:

"Bet you can never guess it! I zoomed into the body of an African snail.

"The African Snail (Achatina fulica) is believed to be an introduced species native to Africa.

"During damp weather you can see them crawling on footpaths, gardens and other natural undisturbed habitats.

"These type of snail is quite common here in Singapore with its dark brown bands and said to grow up to 7cm tall.

"The sight of this snail is not a rare event but I was intrigued by its movement and a close look at its beautiful texture though it may be gross to people who do not like garden pests like this.

"They may be harmless though if left undisturbed. Wanted to share the picture of this lone snail spotted at Vista Park at Woodlands."