When was the last time you saw eagles perched on a tree in Singapore?

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

We see often see mynahs, crows and pigeons regularly around our HDB estates.

One netizen however, came across something out-of-the-ordinary: White-bellied sea eagles perched on a tree at Pasir Ris.

Stomper Ah Boy alerted Stomp to the video that of the magnificent birds that the netizen posted on Facebook group Nature Society (Singapore).

In the video, two White-bellied sea eagles can be seen on the branches of the tree.

They flapped their wings from time to time, and seemed to be doing nothing but enjoying the breeze. 

According to a caption on the video, the eagles were only nine weeks old even though they already seemed to be relatively huge.

Said the Stomper with regard to the video:

"Take a look at the wildlife at the heart of our island.  

"Someone managed to capture the lovely moments of these chicks high above the tree.

"Sometimes, it's good to just observe these little feathered friends at work."