While some Singaporeans are destroying bikes, this boy in China is saving them

If you been keeping up with the news, you've probably come across an article or two about people abusing bicycles.

Over the past few months, Stomp has had many stories of cyclists destroying, stealing and defacing bicycles provided for public use by ofo, Mobike and oBike.

The instances of bicycle abuse has unearthed an ugly side of Singaporeans. It shows that although we are a civilised society, there are still areas in day-to-day life we can improve on.

As luck would have it, we now have a role-model to learn from in the form on a boy from China.

Shanghaiist has posted a video showing the boy picking up two bicycles that have fallen to the ground on a pavement. He did so although he had no obligation to bear any responsibility for the bicycles.

He propped up the first bicycle with itsĀ built-in stand. He had some difficulty placing the second bicycle upright, and leaned it against the tree.

After his good deeds with the green and yellow mobility devices, he walked away with his head held high out of the camera frame.

A caption on the video aptly read:

"The future is in good hands with this kid."