Woman and hubby listened to female friend's relationship woes -- only to find out she was going on dates with her spouse

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Stomper Anonymous shared a heartbreaking story about her best friend, who accept her husband's female friend only to have it backfire on her.

This is her entry for September's What Say You topic, 'Is it okay for your spouse to go out alone with a member of the opposite sex?'

I would like to share a story about what my best friend had went through in her relationship.

And my after thoughts after I had listened to the story.

Her husband had a lady friend who was going through a difficult time in her marriage. He was helping by being a listening ear through texting on the phone. Whenever the lady needed help, she will called my friend husband. He always lend a helping hand and willing to help in whatever she asked.

In the beginning, my friend does not take it to heart and  thought that it will be alright for her husband to help as they were long time friends. The husband had introduced my friend to the lady. They became friends too.

The lady will text my friend frequently and talk about different stuffs, just like how friends talk to each other. My friend had treated her as friend and put her trust in her and continue to show her concern. She thought that helping the lady together as a couple,  it is okay. They helped this lady go through her difficult period

One day, my friend saw the email that was sent between them.  Then she do some investigation and discovered the credit card bill and Whatsapp messages.

Little did she know that the lady had started dating her husband on regular lunch dates. She will even Whatsapp your husband daily. To the extend of creating blogs to communicate with the husband.

To her, it was a huge blow.. She had treated this lady as friend and trusted her. The betrayal was terrible. It was from the lady and husband. Now it had became a difficult time for her.

My after thoughts of this incidences are that married man and woman ought to be aware that feelings might/will develop if we are not careful with what we do.

Like in my friend husband case, to him, it is just an innocence lunch date. But It had developed further into frequent lunch dates. To talking their hearts out. An relationship had developed.

So it is still better to keep some distance between opposite sexes.

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