It's the 21st century, we just need mutual respect and understanding

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Stomper Anonymous feels that it is the twenty-first century and as long as there is trust and respect, she doesn't see why not their spouses can't hang out with the opposite sex.

This is her entry for September's What Say You topic, 'Is it okay for your spouse to go out alone with a member of the opposite sex?'

In my opinion, it is okay for my hubby going out with any of his opposite sex friends.

I mean if he wants to cheat he will do it eventually. You marry a person because of love and trust in the first place.

Plus, his job makes him need to interact with all kinds of people, be it women or men, young or old, single or married. Vice versa he never stops me from going out with my opposite sex friend too.

I believe it is personal space and we require mutual respect and understanding. Sometimes I'm puzzled when my guy friend tells me, "After you get married, we can't hang out anymore."

Come on people, we are in the 21st century aren't we? As long as there is mutual trust and respect, I don't see any problem with my hubby going out one-on-one with women friends. No offense, it is a personal point of view.

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