I will let my spouse know I am going on a dinner date with a guy friend

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Stomper Anonymous feels that as long as there is basic trust and respect in marriage, they can all have their own circle of friends.

This is her entry for September's What Say You topic, 'Is it okay for your spouse to go out alone with a member of the opposite sex?'

I would say that in marriage life, there should be trust and respect, and that is the basic. No doubt is married, but each of us should have our own circle of friends.

I would say that as of now, my spouse had not went out with a lady friend before. IF my spouse were to tell me he is going out alone with a lady friend, I would say yes basing on the trust that each of us have given.

As for me, I do have a close guy friend, and basically we shared everything in life, but there is solely just on friendship base. I would let my spouse know that I am going out with him on a dinner date.

A marriage life must be full of stories, challenges but not to all these tiny little stuffs that upset each of us. 

Marriage couples do have their own circle of friends, but as long as couples are honest and trustful to each others, no 3rd party can join into the family.

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