Some things like PDA are best left to be private and personal to uphold its intended meaning and purpose

Submitted by Stomper Cheong

Stomper Cheong feels that it is best for a couple to privately express their love for one another to uphold its intended purpose and scarcity. 

This is her entry for October's What Say You topic, 'Making out in public: How far is too far?'

This topic of Public Displays of Affection (PDA) and its degree in the public should be non-debatable if all of us share the same set of value system and the culture we belong to.

Most of us probably have a common understanding of some fundamental values that guide us in our thoughts and actions, such as respect for self, others and the environment.

Those who are lacking in sharing the same understanding probably do things out of the norm.

The common folks probably would frown upon actions that are considered disrespectful, overboard, or too much to be seen in the eyes of the public to be considered appropriate.

Perhaps the community can try to educate the public about the appropriate public behaviour , especially couple behaviour, in the form of posters in a light-hearted manner and yet send out a very explicit message about what is strongly discouraged to protect the minds of our young children.  

With the concerted effort of everyone showing respect to self and others, we hope to achieve a common level of understanding what is acceptable and unacceptable in the public for the good of everyone.

Some things are best left to be private and personal to uphold its intended meaning and purpose for the direct parties involved.

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