Women dream of a handsome prince yet shout for equality

Stomper Garyang feels that men are still expected to pay in a relationship, as women still dream of a 'handsome prince'.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?'

Yes. In this day and age, men are still expected to pay for everything in a relationship and continue to pay to unrelate a relationship - " woman charter" act.

Man was first made and from Man then Woman was made. Cross culture, the Man walks ahead and woman follows. The Man engages the community and Woman makes the household chores. This is the understood as the Sun rises in the East.

In all communities, there is strong and weak. There abilities of characters given unto the person, being Man or Woman. This cannot cannot be nurtured vs nature.

Leadership, intelligence cannot be nurtured, these are gifts that are part of the person; being Man or Woman. If that is a woman, she is to assist the Man that she deem worthy to the value.

However, Woman should not be in control. Woman are made to fulfill child bearing and ordained to be a mother. Woman who are in control are devoured by greed of control and power. They are perpetually disturbed by monthly child bearing womanhood and non bearing womanhood. This is their life cycle.

Therefore, they are constantly subjected to homos variations; making decisions under such emotionally imbalances of  temperament leading wrong decision making.

It is said that behind a successful man there is a successful woman.

It is also truth as such: by law of the woman charter act. To protect the Woman.

In this day and age, the community of independence and freedom misdirect and misguided the people.

Man pays for everything as gentleman and chivalry. Woman wants to dream of prince handsome and yet they shout for equality.

For eg driving - it is a woman first attitude, regardless of the right-of-way of traffic.  It is proven that man are "wired" to react to vessel motor situation. Man made better drivers. Man respond faster than woman to actions. Women response better than men to colours.

But sadly, the weaker,of the pathetic man of weak charters, succumbs and yields to pay for everything; embedded in this distorted days and age. This seems "Fashionable". Something that Woman boasts amidst their womanly gossip. 

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