Woman believes that love is not just about being pampered by a man's money

Stomper X believes that in this time and age, equality exists in a relationship.

Men don't have to always pay for their other half but both parties should do it occasionally just to make the other feel special once in a while.

This is her entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?'

"In my personal opinion, I truly feel that in a relationship in this era, there is an equality that exists.

"There is no need for men to pay for their other half (especially before marriage).

"If not, the female may gradually just be going after his money and when a female gets overly pampered by the guy, she will become spoilt! (If a man spoils his girlfriend and then complains about her, that's his fault! He is just stepping on his own feet!)

"I am currently in a relationship with a man for almost 3 years now, we enjoy going Dutch, but sometimes we pay for one another (eg. Birthdays, anniversary, post-exam celebration etc.)

"So, whenever he pays for me, I feel the day or occasion is special to us.

"Hence, I appreciate these small gestures.

"I am a female, but I seriously look down on women who go around showing off how much money their boyfriend is spending on them.

"In my personal opinion, why are they 'using' someone else's hard-earned money?

"You should encourage him to spend on his own family, or save it up for the future.

"You should love your boyfriend for who he is and his time spent with you, not his money.

"Love is not just about being pampered by the man's money."

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