My GF won't let me pay and says dates are meant to be quality time, says guy

Stomper Tommy feels that while paying on dates is gentlemanly, it is not the main purpose of a date -- which is to bond with each other.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?'

Times have changed, The thinking of the man and woman has changed as well. Yes it's gentleman-like for man to pay for dates. But isn't the  main purpose of dates is get to know each other better, bond with each other more and to spend quality times? How is man considered 'wimps' if they were to split the bills for the date? That is maturity. A relationship won't last if the man have to pay every single time, they start to have doubts it won't be considered a date any more. It would be more like "hey I have no money lets hang out but you pay". I believe that woman are capable of paying for themselves instead of depending on man. well man once in a while it's okay.

I had one past experiences where my date expect me to pay for her every single time we go out she will say stuff like "wow it's so expensive if only someone could pay for me" well indirectly asking me to pay. after a few dates I cut all ties with her and she didn't even care. And she got a new date afterwards. I'm right now with my current girlfriend and she won't let me pay for the dates and instead we will split it up. she would start to nag at me and give a very cute angry response if I pay for the dates as she told me that dates are meant to spend quality times.

So in conclusion be in a relationship/dates where where power was equally distributed, where respect was mutual, where each person in the relationship mattered and had value as a human being. paying for yourself is part of a healthy, mutually respectful relationship. Nobody is being taken advantage of. That's all.

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