Going dutch is not a date, it's a gathering of friends

Stomper Simon feels that it is gentlemanly to pay for everything, but a lady also has to be considerate about her date's capabilities.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?'

As a gentlemen, it is always right for the men to pay for everything. But it must be within his own financial capabilities.

As a lady, she has to be considerate of her date spending. If they are always demanding for fine dining and shopping, then they are not worth your time and effort, cause there will be someone richer then you and she is not interested to know you better.

Going dutch on a date, is not a date. It is gathering of friends.

Once a while, for a lady to buy man a dinner or lunch, they are not a wimp. She is saying she appreciate him for taking care of her all this while.

Courtship is about getting to know each other personality. It is not about impressing the ladies with lavish activities & items.

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