Expecting a man to pay for everything will stress him out and forge a relationship based only on money

Stomper Haro believes that couples should not be too calculative with each other and when it comes to money, small gestures can mean a lot.

Although a part of him wants to pay for everything when in a relationship with a woman, Haro still believes in the importance of sharing.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?'

"Women who love you and know how much you earn won’t demand you to pay for anything beyond your budget.  

"Of course I do pay for meals and stuff like that.  There is a right way to do it.  

"Imagine if both of you are out for a date, she may buy a pair of movie tickets and as a guy, I will buy her lunch and dinner.  

"Try not to split bills but instead, each have something to pay.  

"Each must be self-aware and are willing to do it out of love not value.  

"But as a guy, do take the more expensive option and try not to pay only for the cheap one.  

"It's a sweet thing if two can build something up together. 

 "If a women demands for a guy to pay for everything, it will stress out the man and soon the relationship will be based only on money.  

"That's why we often hear this: “I don’t care, you just put the money on the table”,  “We don’t have love between us, why are we together? Because he can provide money”.  

"These are just some side effects.

"This topic is frequently discussed among friends.  

"There is no final answer to this but it is something important for you to look at before you even start of thinking about going into a relationship.

"There are two types of personalities:

"Personality A: Women expect men to pay as they want men to take the lead and that they should provide. Men want and are willing to pay for everything! They don’t expect women to pay for anything.
"Personality B: Women and men feel that they should share expenses together.

"See, if two people from different personalities meet, they will have a lot of problems to face in the long run.  

"Try to find a man or a woman using the personalities above.

"Guys, please don’t fake it! Some guys before entering a relationship will tend to pay for everything to impress the girl.  

"Remember whatever you do will stick with you even after you guys are married.

"Women, be real too. Don’t assume!

"If you really love a man and at this point he is not so well off, don’t assume he will be super rich in the future.  

"I don’t mean that he won’t be, but just don’t assume.

"I agree that women have the right to choose who they want to be with, because how her life will be like depends on her choice.

"The average income is only $3K, is it enough to really feed the whole family?  Meal, Bills, Entertainment, Holiday on and on… … If a guy who is working so hard day and night just to provide, it's sad too. 
"In this day and age, I think both men and women must be able to share the cost of living together.  

"That way they can see each other regularly, spend time with each other and no one is allowed to overwork themselves."

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