Woman says friendship between men and women depends highly on physical appearance

Anonymous feels that men and women can be friends but it depends on whether either party is physically attracted to the other.

This is her entry for this month's What Say You topic:

"My answer would be yes and no. And that depends highly on the physical appearance of both parties.

"Especially if the lady is physically attractive. Men are by nature attracted to a beautiful woman than a plain Jane and for decades, it has been shown how even in daily life, beautiful women tend to have favoured treatment from men as compared to the average Jane.

"To further prove my point, it would be from my personal experiences.

"Since young, it is not easy to have a good guy friend being strictly platonic, though I have seen as them purely as buddies to hang out.

"Actions from them would include sending me home, making sure I'm home by texting, paying for all meals when out and bringing me to have dinner together with their folks.

"As time goes, it becomes far from platonic.

"As I grew up and got married, my husband's customers would behave entirely differently with me than other men's wives.

"Some would exhibit flirtatious behaviour like sharing food and getting a high from it when they are drunk even when they are married with kids.

"A colleague of my husband would pretend to be an 'elder brother' but would entertain me by catching soft toys instead of doing his job of entertaining customers.

"A customer of my husband would also pretend to be an 'elder brother', but actions spoke deeply more than that.

"His actions included being concerned whether I'm hungry and always buying me food, adjusting my chair as he's afraid I would fall down, treating an expensive meal and even offered to peel the seafood.  And actions like ignoring other fellow female colleagues and saying they are able to take care of themselves.

"Some of the men are physically attractive too. Which is why I wouldn't feel disgusted admittedly."

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