There're more females suited to be your friend, sister or mentor rather than wife, says man

This comment won consolation prize for March's What Say You. For that, the Stomper won $50 in shopping vouchers.

Stomper Aaron thinks it's ludicrous to believe so many members of the opposite sex are your potential partners, and feels that many people fit the role of friend, sister, or mentor more.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'Can men and women have a strictly platonic friendship?'

Absolutely. I have plenty of platonic friends and am really happy to maintain those relationships status quo.

My perspective in life is this (reverse the gender if you're female):

There are over 7 billion people in the world. For the sake of simple math, let's just reduce to 3.5 billion females, and possibly a "potential" 1 billion who can be your wife (because the rest are too old, taken, or too young).

Out of this 1 billion, it is truly ludicrous to believe all of them can possibly be your wife. Only a tremendously thin group would have strong compatibility with your life philosophy and practices, thus the ability to live and grow together as a family unit.

That does not mean the rest are destined to be your enemies, though. Plenty of them while not suited as a spouse, are perfectly fine for other forms of relationships.

There are plenty more females who are more suited in fulfilling the friend/sister/mentor roles in your life, loving and supporting you in ways different from what your wife does (and this is important because no spouse is omnipotent). Some may be the junior/apprentice who need your support and guidance to grow stronger in life.

As simple as other male friends/brothers. The key to view them first as fellow human beings, then as women second.

Once you are able to internalise the balanced concept of gender equality, establishing close friendships with the opposite gender will never introduce a problem. We are made stronger in life through our numerous relationships with people and our exchanges in experience, and not simply with our spouses alone.

Excluding such a large of population of people purely by their gender is as silly as claiming women should not go out and work but stay at home instead.

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