Platonic friendship is possible as long as you know where not to cross

Stomper Justin feels that a platonic relationship is possible as long as you know where the line is.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'Can men and women have a strictly platonic friendship?'

This is possible for platonic relationship to stay in the course without having feelings for each other.

I encountered it in my workplace where I don't get acquainted with my female colleagues when I worked there.

But slowly when I work closely with them, I started to chat more in a friendly and amused way along the way and they get to have fun and laughter with me always.

Sometimes I get pranked or teased by the female colleagues whom I'm close to and even played overboard sometimes which may trigger a sort of close feeling.

But it is often in our heart that we should know where our stand is and not cross to that kind of feeling as the other will sense and know it.

Therefore it is possible to avoid from that kind of feeling as long one stand firm to the heart and know where to cross and not to cross. This way platonic relationship can be continuous without hurting each other.

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