Both parties should be emotionally independent to remain 'just friends'

Stomper Kelly feels that if both parties are emotionally independent and do not misinterpret actions easily, then it is possible for heterosexual men and women to be just friends.

This is her entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'Can men and women have a strictly platonic friendship?'

Yes. If one is independent emotionally and does not attach oneself to others easily, he/she is able to maintain a platonic relationship with the opposite sex.

He/she will then not easily have misinterpretation of "acts of care" as "acts of affection".  Being human we care for people around us, but that doesn't mean we love them all. Even with love, there are different types of love - family, friends, lovers...

Plus women now are on a level playing field with men and we engage in intellectual exchanges and not mere romance.

What one expects from the relationship can impact how it will be maintained. As long as there's no expectation of romantic exchange from the other party, it'll definitely stay platonic.

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