Nobody has perfect looks nor brains, but we can all improve ourselves

Stomper Daniel feels that at the end of the day, nobody has perfect looks nor brains.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, 'Would you rather: Have gorgeous looks and no intelligence or be the smartest person in the world everyone shuns' 

"So if you could choose,would you rather be born with looks that could melt any heart but no brains to go with it,or be the next Albert Einstein with a face nobody could love"

I would rather be who i am because God made me the way i am,i have my own strengths & weaknesses,own character,own style.I am unique in the way i am.

I don't believe that looks are everything though it could be useful to some extend.Brains are important too i must say.People will not judge you based on your looks alone though it could make a first impression.Brains are important too as it shows when a person speaks,it reflects on his personality.

Nobody has perfect looks & nobody has perfect brains either but we can all aim to improve ourselves,but at the end of the day.nobody is PERFECT.

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