Most convicted rapists do not even remember what their victims were wearing, says research

Stomper Anonymous gave well-cited arguments on why dress codes do not affect the occurrence of sexual offences, as most attackers do not even remember what their victims were wearing.

This is her entry for July's What Say You topic, 'Would having a public dress code lead to less sexual offences?'

‘If we can’t dress our way

We lost our rights today

Tell me honestly

Will society still be the same?

If I learn to say no

But you couldn’t be strong

Tell me honestly

Will anything else change?’

The more common sexual offences are molestation and rape.

All women are generally susceptible to rape as according to a research done by Utah State University in their words:

·         1) A Federal Commission on Crime Violence Study found that only 4.4% of all reported rapes involved provocative behaviour on the part of the victim.

·         2) Most convicted rapists do not remember what their victims were wearing.

·         3) Victims range in age from days to those in their nineties. Hardly provocative dressers.

Based on the research stated above, we can see that clothing and sexual offences do not have a high co-relation. Everyone has their rights to wear what they want and a public dress code will be violating their personal rights as an individual.

Perhaps the focus on a public dress code should be shifted instead. The main attention should be placed on moral education. Humans should learn to exercise self-control, be disciplined and respectful. Everyone is given choices to make in life, so know that sexual offences are clearly intended and no excuses should be granted.

For the perpetrator, shame on you. You have absolute no rights to take advantage of an individual when he or she rejects you or is not in the right state of mind or age to comprehend the situation. No one should be hurt in the event of your personal satisfaction be it in the spur of the moment or whatsoever.

For the victim, no one should ever have to gone through this. I am sorry.

For the law enforcement, kindly impose stricter laws on sexual offences for deterrence.

For the public, learn to protect and look out for yourself. 

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